Elisabeth Charis, a Room 204 Writer for Writing West Midlands, is a thinker, writer, facilitator and teacher currently living on her boat in England. She writes and performs her poetry and is currently working on a novel. In 2013 she was shortlisted to be Birmingham Poet Laureate.

Elisabeth has a first class honours degree in English Language and Literature and is a qualified teacher (QTS and TESOL) with many years of experience teaching young people and adults and facilitating workshops in and out of a variety of educational contexts.  She has traveled extensively and lived in China, Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and, most recently, Syria little pokies where political unrest forced her to return to the UK.

See the projects page for upcoming projects.

‘My writing explores our relationship with time and place; nature; freedom and responsibility; that good old fashioned notion, ‘love’; the journey we are all on within ourselves and what it means to be a woman, in our world, now. This last is also called feminism but, like the other themes, it is really just a questioning of the world from the only perspective I know. Most importantly, I try to be honest, though that can be the hardest thing.’ 

Elisabeth is a member of WRB and Tindal Street Fiction Group.

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