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There is a gap here because my father died and I went back to England to be with my family and attend the funeral. It was difficult to get back because I was really ill and my work place kept telling me to delay flying until they could be sure the political situation made it safe enough. When I got out my phone to turn it off on the plane back to Jordan (a cheaper option than flying direct) I noticed I had a missed call from my employers in Damascus. Too late to postpone now. When I  got to Amman there was an email telling me not to cross the border -drama drama. I was really sick and just needed to get home to my own bed. I got a taxi after midnight across the border and was home by 3am.
Worse was that because of suspicion of foreign influence the laws changed during this time meaning that Dan could no longer fly back from Bulgaria as planned. He had to go back to londo to apply for another visa meaning he got home a week later and a few hundred quid worse off.